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Trade Services
We offer our services to intermediate and distribute your digital content to various infomediaries and retailers like iBooks, NetLibrary, Kindle Amazon, Kobo and others;

Get Online
Our knowledge and expertise support clients throughout the digital publishing life-cycle.
We can help you plan a strategy or establish requirements, or explore and test the usability of a solution. With a multitude of mobile devices and app stores available, there is increasing demand from your customers for access to content through all kind of new devices: smartphones, e-readers and touchscreen devices (Apple's iPad). We can help you meet that demand.

Mobile access creates challenges for publishers: our industry-leading knowledge and expertise can help you. We have the skills and can be your partner from mobile optimized content that lets users move seamlessly between desktop and mobile environments, to powerful apps delivering essential tools right into the hands of professionals in the field.
eReader Solutions
We help our customers accelerate their time to market and reduce development costs of eReader software for eReader devices. Publisher AccessPoint We offer solutions for publishers to store, search, retrieve and distribute all of their digital assets from a single point.

Digitization, Archives and Data Conversion
We offer solutions for data conversion and enhancement, secure web hosting and discoverability management. Our service will get your content online quickly, easily and affordably. You simply need to provide us with your publications - in a variety of data formats - and subscription data and we will meet your needs and those of your users every step of the way.
Academic sites visiting
We create links between prestigious European academic institutions and students from Central and Eastern Europe. We form groups of visiting students and toute them to specific universty campuses where they are guided by a representative of the university who presents the faculties, course rooms, laboratories, libraries and other points of interest.
This joint program raises benefits for our partner institutions by diversifying the student body and by increasing the number of foreign students interested to enroll with the university programs.
Considering the campus visit an important aspect of the university selection process, the Academic Sites Visiting Program offers several benefits for students:
- learn valuable information about admission, studying programs, extracurricular acivities and accomodation by meeting with a university representative;
- get a student's perspective on campus life;
- interaction with current students;
- discover more about different areas of interest;
- determine if the selected university is a good fit.
We recognize the important role families play in the success of students and we encourage the parents to visit the universities' campuses with their children. They can observe the campus features from a different perspective and they can share impressions with other parents or students. In this way they become actively involved in obtaining acurate information about a wide range of academic institutions.
In order to have worthwhile and productive campus tour we help parents and their children prepare their visit by offering transportation, transfer from the airport to the university campus, accommodation during the visits and scheduling a meeting with a university representative.
We can also provide expertise in:
Knowledge transfer
Technology transfer
Content suply
Software app's
University ranking systems