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News | The Kobo eReader Touch Edition


Amazing New Touch Experience
With new infrared technology, eReading just got way easier! You can swipe to turn pages, just like a real book, highlight phrases, lookup words, zoom images, increase font sizes and more! Plus, the new Pearl 6" E Ink 16 level grey screen provides a superb, high contrast reading experience even in bright sunlight.

Your library – Your Way
Sort from A to Z, by 'Title' or 'Author' to easily find your next great read. Now with large cover images, multiple views, predictive search and a special list you can use to keep track of your favourites, our newly introduced features make navigating the library a breeze.

Customizable Fonts
2 font styles and 17 font sizes allow you to enjoy a reading experience that's both suited to your preferences and easy on your eyes.

Build Your Shortlist
Touch the Heart icon in your library to quickly create shortcuts to your favourite books or current reads.

Browse your Book
Use our new book browser to quickly check your progress or navigate through an entire chapter or book.

Read in Comfort
The Kobo eReader Touch soft-quilted back feels great in your hands, while the new E Ink Pearl screen is easy on the eyes – you can even read in bright sunlight.

Read on Any Device – With Kobo
Kobo is a device neutral platform. Left your eReader at home? Read across devices and pick up from your last page read with Kobo's synched bookmark technology. Just download a FREE Kobo eReading app for your smartphone, tablet or desktop and pick up where you last left off.

Download FREE eReading Applications for: iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android, and Blackberry.

Easily highlight favourite passages within a book so that you can go back and read them anytime you like.

Reading PDF's
Download, access and read personal and professional documents on the go. Quickly zoom in and magnify images or drag your finger to explore the page. Double tap to fast zoom 200%!

Beautiful New Design
Provides the ultimate in reading comfort, and fits in your pocket so you can take it anywhere. Now available in 5 stylish colors!
Earn Awards for Reading!
Discover your Reading Life and unlock awards just for spending time reading. Connect and share your Reading Life with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Access Millions of Titles
Easily connect via Wi Fi or USB to access over 2.3 million books, newspapers and magazines from the Kobo Store. Also borrow and read books from your local library.
The First International eReader
The Kobo eReader Touch will be the first eReader to be available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian, and will offer a completely local experience, including content, recommendations and the Kobo store.

Reads like Print on Paper
The latest in eInk technology, the new 6" Pearl screen offers a superb reading experience, even in bright sunlight.

A Whole Library in Your Pocket
Holds up to 30,000 books with expandable microSD memory, and keeps your library always up to date.

Read On and On
Take your eReader with you everywhere you go, and enjoy reading up to 1 month on a single charge.